2022-11-12 (Sa) PoweredInlineSkatesRev2 Testing PWM controller

I tweaked Adafruit's servo example to send data to only the first port and then instructed it to go to the lowest position. I confirmed the sole active port and unplugged it from the commanding Arduino, but I kept power attached, and the chip continued signaling the motor. I measured the pulse widths with the pulseIn() function, and they held steady near 1,018 microseconds. When I measured with interrupts, I saw the timing was almost exactly 1,000 microseconds and hovered very tightly. The difference between the smallest and largest reading was sloppier with the pulseIn() method.

In conclusion, the signal from the PWM generator is more consistent with less than 1% jitter compared to the 1.4% and 2.4% from the Arduino. The issue may be something other than the timing pulses but rather a mismatch between the motor components and the magnetic field. Discrepancies like this could explain the jolts I've felt while riding. I may need to add a motor speed sensor and integrate that into my sketch.
Signal measuring comparisons from PWM generator

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