2022-11-13 (Su) PoweredInlineSkatesRev2 Motor sensing pseduo-code

I bought an inexpensive RC plane transmitter and receiver to measure an ideal servo pulse. The signal was steadier than my Arduino-produced ones, but the most significant difference was how smooth the curve was when I moved a joystick. After comparing the clean output of the hobbyist equipment to my pulses, I think the problem is something other than the timing pulses. The problem is likely the discrepancy between my speed and the motor's speed.

I can install a magnet and sensor on the motor pulley to measure rotations and calculate speed. I wrote some pseudo-code to make a table that records the time between motor rotations at a given rate. I may do this step manually to save coding time. The following function will use that table to ignore the throttle if it is slower than the user is skating. Since I already have two-way communication with the transmitter, I will also turn on the light to indicate the motor is active.
Motor sensing pseudo-code

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