2022-11-16 (W) PoweredInlineSkatesRev2 Finding some consistency data

I was trying to get a consistent reading from the motor with my hall effect module, and I noticed that data flew by if I held it with my bare hands. I assumed the module would provide a ground or voltage output, but it looks like it floats some of the time. The interference disappeared when I rested the module on a stack of tools. After that, the incoming data reflected the motor's speed. I reduced the print statement that indicated rotation from "Rotation: " to "R: " and noticed a sharp increase in how fast I could collect measurements, so I was hitting the baud rate cap.

I wanted to see a graph longer than what fits on the Arduino serial plotter, so I changed the report at the end of a calibration cycle to output comma-delimited data for my minimum, maximum, and average time. I ran the motor for a bit which you can see in the graph. I started slowly and reached a steady speed, sped up a bit, slowed, then went very fast before stopping. The time measurements are inverse to speed.

There are five blips where the sensor probably double-triggered on a magnet, which would invalidate that calibration cycle. I am designing the function to repeat any unusable test so that it will ignore occasional erroneous data. I plan to install a magnet on the motor pulley, but I assumed my results would be highly consistent, but I measured the span between minimum and maximum, and it was consistently off by 19.34%. If I were to use this configuration, I would presume that any reading with a span <= 20% was valid. I will rerun this test with the next magnet.
946 Samples from 9,460 rotational readings

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