2022-11-17 (Th) PoweredInlineSkatesRev2 Motore pully magnet

I planned to use a reed switch to sense motor rotations, but I did another test to ensure it could keep up, and it failed. I placed the device near the motor and ran it at low speed, and the serial data confirmed it was tracking. When I sped up, the readings became erratic, probably due to the switch failing to open between pulses, so I must choose the hall effect module. The module includes a mounting hole and threshold-triggering circuitry, so it is a practical choice.

I replaced the module's header pins with 30 AWG silicone-coated wires long enough to reach the enclosure I would build. I drilled a 2.5 mm hole in the motor pulley and tapped it with 3 mm threads. I mounted a countersunk magnet with an M3 machine screw, but it was closer to the center than I wanted because I couldn't allow the hole to damage the pulley grooves. I had to disassemble my polycarbonate wheel rack to access the pulley.
Countersunk magnet on pulley

I had a chunk of solid nylon to make a suitable platform for mounting the hall effect module, so I drilled and tapped three M3 holes. Two were for connecting to the wheel rack, and the third was for attaching the module. I reassembled everything and ran the wires into my enclosure, where I terminated them on the Arduino's prototyping board.
Arduino wired to skate

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