2022-12-09 (F) Weekly Summary

There wasn't much content editing left, so I wrapped that up and turned to formatting. I went through the script to ensure all my actions and directions were inside square brackets and only had lowercase letters. Then I made five passes to assign colors for the main characters. I wrote a macro to speed that up.
Snippet of act one's script

I started writing act two, and all the time editing and refamiliarizing myself paid off. I got into the swing and wrote for a few hours. There will be gratuitous editing, but the first draft is there.
Beginning of the second act

Chapter twelve was just a new file, not a new chapter, but I can reformat it later. I started, but it was a slog. I realized the problem was that I needed to figure out where to go with the story.
End of chapter 12

Sometimes I have a scene or a phrase that I want to put in the script because it describes a character succinctly, and Jerry said something that sums him up beautifully. "...they made me into a sword, but I can decide who I cut."
Silent conversation

This chapter is all about healing for Jerry. He confesses to Ness that an innocent woman died when he spaced the pirate ship, and it's been hard for him to process. Ness does their best to help, and Jerry accepts the assistance.
Chapter fifteen closing

Chapter sixteen was the most uplifting. Jerry hears Marigold's audible voice for the first time when she tells him and Ness why the pirates attacked their ship.
Cards on the table

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