2022-12-16 (F) Weekly Summary

The last time I recorded Gravy Shock, I used pseudo-randomly generated music from the EWC_OST, but I wanted to try percussion loops this time. I extracted fifty samples from my PrandomBeats videos. The variety should be enough for all moods.
Ample selection

I still have the old recordings, but I'll make new ones with the updated script. I assembled a new desk my fiance bought to try her chops at voice acting. I installed some of my old recording equipment.
New desk for recording

We've selected a closet for recording, but it's next to a bathroom, and the apartment building installed fans that don't turn off, so I installed a switch to toggle power and keep it quiet when we're recording.
Fan control

The other side of the closet has a door with a large window perfect for transferring street sounds, so I tapped some holes into an aluminum bar and made a rack for suspending egg-crate foam to dampen the noise.
Adding sound insulation

I got back to Gravy Shock by sketching the pirate ship. I labeled the kids' room but left the other quarters unassigned. The vessel got longer as I remembered how much had happened there and how much space everything needed.
Pirate ship top view

I got a sound processor to help me with Gravy Shock character voices. It modulates microphone input in real-time, so experimenting with different voices was intuitive, and I found some effects I liked.
Inside the recording space

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