2023-01-27 (F) Weekly Summary

I finished editing for the time being, and now I want to concentrate on music. I was not happy with the options of pseudo-randomly generated instruments or drum beats, so my next project will combine everything I know about programmatically generating music.
Edited voices

I sketched my idea for the next music maker, and it will rely on a color screen and "soft" buttons and potentiometers that will change their function based on the mode I select. Instead of a single-purpose machine, I want this one to fulfill any process. I want to build a device that generates notes and percussion together and is portable enough to use daily.
EWC_Box sketch

I made some design choices to produce a sturdier box, but the key feature is that it has an internal area that matches a slab of birch plywood that I can cut with my laser to make an attractive face with the custom controls.
More refined than the sketch

I wanted to give encoders another try, so I made a demo board with four encoders. If they worked, I could use them and the prototyping board in the final project. I connected all the wires to header pins for easy testing and installation.
Front and back of encoder panel

I wrote and tested a program to read the encoders. I had some issues where some of them couldn't decrement, but that was a case of duplicated variable names, and the other problem was jittering, but I solved that with a debouncing timer. I mapped the results, which should have been smooth lines, but there were a few glitches, but the encoders should be accurate enough for this project.
Encoder readings

I drafted the layout and included all the necessary controls. I added a large arcade button because there was a lot of space, and it should make the project more approachable. I divided everything into sections, like control, power, and ports.
Draft for the face of EWC_Box

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