2023-02-17 (F) Weekly Summary

I cut my first screen holder design, but it did not fit. I made a few changes to access the screws and header pins and see the silkscreen layer on the PCB.
Screen holder cut from plywood

I am nearly finished with the wiring. I used a lot of solder to connect everything. I updated the schematics with some pins I should have included. I will test everything soon so I can repair any faulty solder joints.
Finalized wiring

I tested the wiring and promptly found a power fault. I removed six pins that touched a mounting bolt and then taped over the USB port, which bumped a few solder joints. When the power worked, I tested the encoders and successfully monitored all four.
Encoder function confirmation

I wanted to start working with the screen, but it used a different communication protocol than it showed on the PCB. I went to work on the SD card reader and found a broken connection, but when I tried to repair it, I did more damage and had to rework many solder joints, but I eliminated the USB port interference issue.
Repairs to protoshield

I checked some forums which suggested a level shifter might allow communication between the Arduino and SD card adapter. I soldered pins to one and added it to the circuit, but it did not help.
Level shifter installed

I got the SD card adapter working when I remembered to define the "CS" or "SS" pin. Most of the example sketches I checked used a low number from an Arduino UNO, but I used pin 53 on a Mega controller.
Proof that the SD card reader is communicating

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