2023-02-23 (Th) EWC_Box Operators functioning

I had yet to test the pushbuttons built into the encoders. I considered adding code to indicate whenever I pressed one, but I coded them to change the behavior. Instead of changing a counter by one, they increased or decreased by five when I held the button. The device may use this technique in some modes, and I proved that I wired it correctly.

I wanted to confirm that I wired the "Mode" and "PRandomize" buttons correctly, so I made a rising-edge detection function, which did not initially work. I forgot to declare the inputs as INPUT_PULLUP, so the leads were floating, and after I fixed that, I noticed significant bouncing. I implemented a timer on each button. The lightweight "Mode" button needed a long debounce, but the "PRandomize button, which had a strong spring, was relatively short.

I started checking the potentiometers by printing their values continuously. The signals appeared remarkably stable. I changed their function so the values were only printed when the controller detected a change larger than a threshold. I graphed the results by turning up the pots one at a time, then jiggled the fourth one to move the graph farther.
Potentiometer level graph

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