2023-02-24 (F) Weekly Summary

I struggled with the screen's wiring because the manufacturer printed the wrong pin labels. I had trouble compiling example code until I wiped the libraries manually and reinstalled them. Even after the code was compiled, I could only manage to turn on the screen's backlight.
Some accurate pins

I tried every trick I knew to make the screen work and even retested the SD adapter in case I broke a wire. I grabbed some spare hardware to establish a reliable example and got a different screen working with another controller. Now I can switch one wire at a time and fix single problems.
Different screen working on a different Arduino

I used what I learned from the spare screen to get the installed screen working. It was more challenging than changing pin names, I had to manually activate pins before sending commands, and I checked which pins needed to use the serial port and which could use general-purpose IO. I also checked the MIDI port on the front and fixed two crossed wires.
Operational EWC_Box screen

I made enough changes to the schematic to redraw them, so I drafted them on the computer. I enjoyed drawing them by hand the first time, but if I make more wiring changes, I can easily update the drawing.
CAD arrangement

I ran magenta wires between the components and wrote all the necessary pin labels. The drawing was similar to the sketch I made on paper.
Schematic for EWC_Box

I confirmed the wiring for my physical operators by writing code to implement them. For the encoder pushbuttons, I made them increment the encoder count by five instead of one. I printed the potentiometer values whenever one changed, and the graph showed smooth operation.
Graphing four potentiometers

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