2023-02-27 (M) EWC_Box Inputs reflected on screen

I added code to draw rectangles based on the potentiometer values. As the rectangles changed their size, they resembled a graph, starting at the top of the screen and getting larger as I turned the knob. I had difficulty erasing the previous rectangle, so I added a function to clear the screen when I pressed the Mode button. This will not be a permanent feature, but it helped with debugging. I established some useful constants for the future and started grasping Sparkfun's HyperDisplay library.

When I had the potentiometers working well, I did a similar routine with the encoders. Instead of color-coded bars, I picked moving rectangles. I established a function restricting the encoder values from 0-127 or 00-7F in hexadecimal.
Programming for potentiometers and encoders

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