2023-03-02 (Th) EWC_Box Mode0 Pseudo-random generation

I imported the core EWC functions that generate pseudo-random notes based on musical scales. I printed the values to my serial port to confirm they were coming at the default rate and were prandom numbers instead of all zeros or large erratic numbers. I routed the values to a MIDI command that talked to the synthesizer, and I heard my notes through a speaker! None of the adjustments were in place, so the system created two messages per second at default volume.

I programmed the blue potentiometer to adjust the velocity from 0 - 127 and confirmed that I could change the volume at will. I worked on the second potentiometer to control the "percent chance to play," which I wrote a function to calculate. The blue encoder controlled tempo based on my previous project's min and max I. I reconsidered and had it control "notes per minute," which is the tempo's reciprocal in this project. I was not going to put the potentiometer values on the screen since I can tell their value at a glance, but I added numeric values next to their labels, then did the same for the encoders.

Two encoders control the upper and lower pitch bounds, and I added a verification so they cannot cross. Both values can be equal, and the algorithm should hover around that point with all subsequent notes. The final addition was a feature that let me change instruments and display the name on the screen. You can see "Ocarina" in red on the left of the example picture.
Mode0 screen

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