2023-03-03 (F) Weekly Summary

I had more problems with the screen. I double and triple-checked my work without luck. I added a level shifter to the circuit because I noticed the worst problems coincided whenever I exceeded the recommended voltage.
More trouble with the screen

I added permanent jumpers to the spare screen and placed it in the enclosure. There were still problems making it boot properly. I updated the schematics to include level shifters and screen jumpers.
Schematic with level shifters and updated screen

I programmed the screen to display rectangles based on the potentiometer values, so it looked like a four-channel bar graph. When I twisted the knob, the bar grew or shrunk proportionally. I gave the encoders the same treatment, but they moved a square around, and it could jump from the edge of the screen to the other side.
Potentiometers and encoders on screen

I tested the MIDI synthesizer, but I input the baud rate incorrectly, so I amended the code and got sound from the line port. I wanted to start on the screen and build a starting point with color-coded bars near the potentiometer and encoder knobs.
Basic screen

I did more work on the screen to display what each operator controlled. I imported some serial functionality from EWC_OST to regulate serial feedback, show the potentiometer and encoders on screen, and let me introduce more debugging features later.
Serial terminal showing EWC_Box commands and responses

I imported the note-generation functions from a previous project and got the device to start making sounds with all the default settings, like tempo, pitch range, and instruments. I expanded the functionality by changing the parameters through the encoders and potentiometers and showing their values on the screen.
Mode0 screen

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