2023-03-07 (Tu) EWC_Box PRandmized arrangement

I envisioned how mode2() should operate and wrote the process in the code's comments. I stepped through it one line at a time but left the process in the comments. When I ran the sketch, some of the notes hung, which means they never received a command to turn off. They all played through a piano because I forgot to assign unique instruments.

I added the noteOff() command right before a new note played, and I included a loop that assigned prandom instruments to all the active channels. I got a fresh sound whenever I pressed the "PRandomize" button, but most were not great. The joy was that I could judge an arrangement in a few seconds and then discard anything I did not like. I took a video where I stepped through all the modes so that you can hear the halting feel of mode0(), the lengthened notes in mode1(), and a few example arrangements in mode2().
(1:07) Demonstration mode0(), mode1() and mode2()

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