2023-03-08 (W) EWC_Box Percussion

I stumbled across a few problems with the code and fixed them. The first issue was that if I prandomly assigned sounds to multiple channels, then turned the knob down to reduce those channels, the higher ones were ignored and kept playing instead of erasing them for a fresh start like I wanted. The second problem was that when I set the pitch to zero on the potentiometer for mode2(), it would remain at zero when I went back to using the encoders in mode0() and mode1(), but it should have begun closer to sixty.

I started work on mode3(), which will be solely percussion. I mapped out my ideas on a full sheet of paper and got to work coding. I wrote out all the instrument names as I did with the melodic MIDI set. I created arrays, including a two-dimension table where I will store the percussion loop with a record of each instrument's velocity. I built a screen, assigned the operators, and determined which parameters would affect the playback when I pressed the PRandomize button. The first attempt produced sound but not a beat. I added print statements to see what was happening, and the table looked like I expected. I will investigate this mystery further.
Percussion table

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