2023-03-09 (Th) EWC_Box More percussion

I had a problem in mode2(), which plays multiple instruments simultaneously, where notes would hang, but I solved this by adding a sequence to tell the sequencer to turn off the notes each time I requested a new arrangement with the PRandomize button.

The critical fix of the day was in the percussion mode, mode3(), where I added a counter to cycle through the array holding the play information. I previously neglected to iterate through the list, so I played the first note if there was something there. I found some problems where I confused the dimensions in the table and accidentally scanned other registers. I sketched the data and cleared up my hangups.

Many of the beats did not sound pleasing, and a big problem was the instruments. A crashing symbol on top of a referee whistle will not pass in my book. I built a list of the choices I did not like and added a check to ensure that whenever the PRNG landed on one, it would generate a new number encompassing some known-good drums.
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