2023-03-10 (F) Weekly Summary

I integrated an Arduino library that measures clock jitter to generate random numbers. The process could be faster, but it does a masterful job of seeding the controller's rand() function. I ran the program and took a screenshot to show that the program starts with unique numbers each time, but before the library, they were identical.
Entropy library ensuring different starting points

mode2() played multiple instruments simultaneously by utilizing fifteen MIDI channels. I moved the pitch controllers from encoders at the bottom to potentiometers at the top. I created an array to hold the relevant data, like channel, note, velocity, probability, and offset. I also figured out a tidy method to sustain channel notes until the next one played, even if other channels were active, significantly improving the cohesion between different instruments.
Three instruments playing in mode2

I powered up the equalizer with an external battery todampen the signal enough that an iPhone could record a clip. I also tested the power running from the battery to the Arduino, which checked out. I extracted the audio and uploaded it to GitHub to embed it into this page.
Sixty-second clip

I planned and programmed mode2(), but I should have paid more attention to a few things in the first round. Some of my notes hung, and every channel played a Grand Piano (MIDI instrument #0). I fixed the problems and recorded a video demonstrating all the current modes.
(1:07) mode2() with four instruments

I repaired some minor problems with the then moved onto mode3(), which will be percussion. I spent significant time planning it on paper and implementing it in code. The machine played some notes but it was not the loop I expected. I printed the table, which looked correct, but it bears investigating.
Percussion table

I forgot to use a counter that would step through the tracks, so I implemented one, and the notes played well. I cleaned up other issues with the code, but mostly ways to stop sounds from hanging. I wrote a list of percussion instruments I want to avoid appearing in prandomly generated arrangements and wrote a check to play drums instead.
Code and serial data

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