2023-03-21 (Tu) EWC_Box First fixes to five()

I made a list of problems with mode5() and set to fixing them. The first problem was the system seemed to ignore the first melody channel, but when I tracked it down, the culprit was a less-than sign which should have been a less-than-equal comparison. When I decremented the melody channels, the device left notes "hanging" if they came from instruments that perpetuated, such as bowed strings or woodwinds. I added a line that turned off notes in the unused channel. I updated my function that ran upon starting a new mode to prevent a bug that prompted the melody channels to their max.

I changed my startup code to begin in mode4(), so I could transition into mode5() immediately after rebooting, but I wanted to start in mode0(), as I had from the beginning. I added another feature to the serial input that let me enter a number 0-9, and it would switch to that mode immediately. If I enter a number outside the usual range, it goes to a default mode which turns all the notes off across the MIDI port and displays a waiting screen.
Serial communications

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