2023-03-28 (Tu) GrinderCompass First sketch

Ages ago, I tried to build a haptic compass without electronics, but I failed. I had another idea. The concept is that I make a compass from a couple of stacks of disc magnets spinning on a platform. The platform should always face north, and I will attach a pendulum to one side. I will place a "drum" on one side of the case so that when the case faces north, the pendulum can cause reverberations.

I designed the apparatus to be large enough to make pieces with my laser cutter, and if it works, I can worry about miniaturizing. There are two arrow-shaped units with a hole in the center and rectangles on the sides. The intention is to run a non-ferrous bolt through the holes and use the pieces to clamp the magnet stacks. I added hex shapes to insert brass nuts to balance the unit. The wrench-shaped parts are my pendulum, which I will fasten together with a gap in the center and add a brass hex nut to the end where it can strike the drum.
Compass spinner and pendulum

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