2023-03-31 (F) Weekly Summary

I introduced melodic instruments to mode6(). Integrating the functions from previous modes went relatively smoothly, and the procedure was a powerful lesson for arranging future programs. I did not get an ideal performance, so I will look further into the melody programming.
Screenshot of MIDI visualization

I recorded a demo and a voice-over. The demonstration went quickly because the machine did all the work. The narration took considerably longer after I took one pass, revised it, and started over.
Recording my voice-over

The EWC_Box is complete! I combined my voice-over with the recorded audio after hours of struggling with VLC. I uploaded the finished video to YouTube and put relevant project files on GitHub.
(2:12) Final demo of the EWC_Box

I worked on a haptic mechanical compass in the blog's early days. I always remembered the idea, but I never solved it. I had a new idea and drafted parts I could make with my laser cutter. The idea is that I will swing a pendulum from a heavy-duty compass, and when the pendulum faces north, it will strike something, and I should be able to feel that collision.
Technical-looking, but just a compass

I added a base to the design and will assemble it with nylon nuts and bolts. The pointer will spin on modified bolts. I will make concavities in the ends of thick brass hardware and attach spikes to the compass, so there should be minimal friction without much wobble.
First revision

I cut the pieces and assembled the base but I needed to modify the central bolts. I did not have spikes ready, but they should arrive shortly. The pendulum needs work, and I will know more once I have more parts.
Cut and put together

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