2023-04-12 (W) GrinderCompass Prototype FINISHED

I wanted to use cylindrical magnets on the spinner because I hoped their roundness would let the washer tap against it but still let it pass without much resistance. The first iteration used round magnets, so I had experience and dimensions, but I needed the ones close to the rim to be exposed, as I did with the square ones. I designed a short spinner that could only hold two and a rectangle at the end but would provide significant attraction and enough holding force to add rounds to the ends. I revised the square sides on the cap and interface and added "9" to all the pieces.
Rectangular spinner parts and circular base parts

The assembly went smoothly. I made the ends of the spinner with the same thickness as a rectangle magnet, so parts on both sides stuck neatly without wobbling. I replaced the brass bolt and nuts holding the washer with nylon parts. I was disappointed that the feedback was weaker than the square magnets. I think this is an excellent time to pause the project. I proved the haptic compass design and can improve it later, maybe after some collaboration.
Washer landing on round magnets

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