2023-04-30 (Su) PhoneRobot Battle mode

I gave up on using the device to throw a curveball. I could make it work with some relay trickery and a tablet stylus, but that is beyond this project's scope, which is overdue. I can think of several tedious tasks requiring tapping that I would happily automate.

I created a new mode for battling where the robot moves the touch emulator over the critical parts of the screen to complete a PvP duel. This programmed movement is not a winning strategy, but I can look away from the phone and still get credit for dueling.

The mode should hover in the center area, drop to the bottom where it can trigger special moves, then return to the center. The software repeatedly engaged the touch emulator, then moved to the following location after tapping x times as determined by a potentiometer.

My first battle went differently than I hoped. I did not see the touch emulator always cooperating with the phone. I removed the Arduino from the circuit and got better results, but they were far from ideal. When I tested on a drawing program, I saw that the Arduino did not deliver as many recognizable touch events as the core auto clicker. The biggest problem was keeping the emulator level. I tried holding the servo arms down with a rubber band and my fingers, but I will add slots for heavy washers in the next iteration.
Unreliable tapping

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