2023-05-08 (M) 24EngSkateHanger COMPLETED

I have to store longboards in a storage unit at my apartment building. The walls are chain link fencing, and I figured I could make something inexpensive to hold my boards on the sides to make them accessible but out of the way. My first thought was 3" (75mm) PVC pipe with cutouts so the pipe would cup the wheels and still have room for the trucks. The hardware store didn't have any tubing that size in stock, so I wandered around.
A storage unit full of skateboards

I found some medium-duty hooks at The Home Depot and bought a four-pack to test. They weren't exactly what I planned, but I figured I could suspend the trucks over them. They were rated for much more weight than I would ever put on them.
Home Depot sells a pack of hooks

I installed some 1" long #8 bolts through the mounting holes and fastened them snuggly with a nut. On the right side, I added another nut, a fender washer, and tightened another nut, so they were all smooshing together as close to the hook as possible. With this arrangement, a bit of the bolt stuck out the end. On the left side, I used the same hardware, but I left a gap, so the fender washer was as far from the screw head as possible. I ensured the hook would sit firmly in place on the fence by staggering the large washers. A few days later and nothing has fallen despite repeated door openings.
Longboard hung on chain link door

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