2023-05-18 (Th) Zener card trick FAILED

One of my friends was making gimmicked Zener cards. His solution was to sandwich a scrap of steel between two cards. Each symbol had a unique placement, so he could discern the identity by moving a finger magnet over the card until it lifted a bit. I wanted to try cutting holes into plywood sheets and adding magnets, then covering it. I used the laser and blank cards to make a Zener set by etching lightly enough to scorch the design into the paper. I was happy with how they turned out.
Laser etched paper cards

I measured the cards wrong, so my wooden slats needed fixing. I added magnets to the holes anyway, and with practice, I could identify five or six unique numbers. The problem was that the cards felt unnatural. A proper fix would be casting the magnets into resin, and instead of trying to make them feel like chunky cards, I could make them feel like Mahjong tiles.
Magnet-implanted wooden slabs

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