2023-06-13 (Tu) KeyBoardolier typed this journal

I tested the volume keys with my mobile phone, but they did not work there either. I updated how I handled the modifier keys because I previously sent one value at a time and erased all modifier presses whenever I released one key. In the updated routine, I toggled the relevant bits and even differentiated between the left and right sides.

I made a similar change to the regular keys. I used to consider one button at a time, but now, the code searches for the first opening in the six available slots and adds it there. When I release a key, the code searches the six slots to release the correct key. I checked, and I can send six keys simultaneously.

The keyboard has a noticeable delay and sometimes ignores keys if I press too quickly. I turned off serial monitoring, which helped a bit but it is a problem. This could be an issue of scanning times associated with the diode matrix. If I type too fast, some keys get lost. I may add the interrupt pin from the IO expander to aid scanning.

I type this journal with the Keyboardolier.
Function to assign new key presses

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