2023-06-24 (Sa) Keyboardolier Responsive keys

I kept thinking about the long delay on the keys, and it bothered me because it destroyed the project. The slow response time made it unusable except as a macro keyboard, and that invalidated its primary purpose. I thought about the functions that controlled the keypresses and decided they were probably the issue. Previous keyboard projects communicated over USB, which could handle the overhead communication burden without problems, but with BLE, I had to meter the data carefully. The code was sloppy, and I sat down to revise it.

I used to reference every entry in a 75-position array to check for rising edges. I switched to a queue written by the scanning function that wrote up to six entries. I used that short set to press and release keys, and when the cycle ended and all the pressed and released keys were rectified, I sent the typing data over Bluetooth. The straightforward method used some old functions, but it also got rid of a few bulky ones and reduced the low-memory issues. I may still experiment with speeding up the response further, but I typed this journal, and unlike the first time, it was manageable.
Responsive keys

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