2023-07-02 (Su) KeyRyptex Concept

I was lying in bed, letting my mind wander, and I had this idea for a cryptex (Wikipedia entry) with keyboard letters. You could type a password, and it would release the bottom panel and expose the innards. The storage compartment would have a clue for the next phase of a multi-step puzzle, and unlike a physical cryptex, it could have layers to "unlock." I would put twenty-six letters and ten numbers on the sides so that I have six keys on six sides, so there is symmetry all around. The top has a light cluster or ring of LEDs that indicate the user entered the wrong password and could indicate a "cooldown" timer so no one can spam with wild guesses.

Arranging all the keys in a hexagonal column should be easy, but I do not know how to attach and release the bottom panel. I could connect the bottom with magnets, and anyone could pull it off at any time, but instead of unlocking a compartment with a clue, it could expose the USB port, which would only transmit clues when someone entered the correct password. The idea is that the microcontroller would iterate through puzzle phases by emulating a USB keyboard so players would get a clue on their computer screen like, "Typewriter diagnostic," and users would have to type "THE QUICK RED FOX JUMPED OVER THE LAZY BROWN DOG," without errors. Once entered, the microcontroller would move to the next phase and type a new clue.
Concept drawing

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