2023-07-13 (Th) KeyRyptex Puzzles!

I made some updates to my puzzle-solving program. Firstly, I added an if() statement to check if the puzzle was solved correctly. Additionally, I converted the puzzle from a string to an array of strings that are all three characters long. The array I used was called puzzleArray and contained a total of four puzzles: ABC, DEF, GHI, and JKL.

To keep track of how many puzzles I solved, I added another counter. When I finished the last puzzle, I received a message indicating that all the puzzles were solved. The program then starts over at the first puzzle.

I also added empty functions where I can put add LED routines, but for now, I put print statements there. I changed the fourth puzzle which I replaced with the word "PASSWORD". This puzzle had a double letter and was eight letters long instead of three, and it worked perfectly!

Overall, my program now includes twelve puzzles of varying length. Most of these puzzles have to do with famous or common passwords. I'm thrilled with the improvements I've made and can't wait to see how the program performs going forward.
Recognizes puzzles and rejects failures

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