2023-07-14 (F) Weekly Summary

I added keyswitches and keycaps, and it looks pretty cool. I added aluminum tape and inserted magnets on the bottom pieces. I had to stop assembling because I could not access the electrical once the unit gets sealed. I must revise how I assemble the KeyRyptex.
Unusable design

I fixed some solder joints and wired the other sides of the diodes. I added power and communication lines from the IO expander to an Arduino Micro and it was ready for testing.
Wired keyswitches

I used code from Keyboardolier to scan my 6x6 matrix, but had issues with an off-brand IO module and a missing column. I found a repairable solder joint and realized the dead column was a wiring issue.
Revealing the problem

I fixed the problematic column by rerouting it to a spare input pin because the old one seemed to have a short. All the keys worked so I started converting their addresses to alphanumeric characters related to their keycaps.
I can send alphanumeric characters to the serial monitor

I modified the key identification function to pass characters to the calling code. I added a counter to progress through the puzzles and checked if the guessed letter matched the solution. The counter only advanced if the guess was correct, and reset if incorrect. For the "ABC" puzzle, I got "Equal!" only if I pressed "ABC" in order.
Monitor with "Equal!" and "Not equal" feedback

I updated my puzzle-solving program by adding an if() statement to check for correct solutions, converting the puzzle to an array of 3-character strings. I also added a counter to keep track of puzzles solved and changed one of the puzzles to a word with a double letter. The program now has 12 puzzles related to passwords.
Puzzles working

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