2023-07-15 (Sa) KeyRyptex Assembly

I trimmed the leads of an RGB LED and added color-coded wires. I also trimmed the wires to the appropriate length and connected them to three PWM pins on an Arduino Micro.

To ensure the safety and protection of the Arduino, I covered it in shrink tube segments and cut out a square to expose the reset button. I also took precautions with the IO expander module by covering it in a plastic baggie and electrical tape.
Insulated Arduino

To tidy up the wiring, I kinked the wires to tighten the coil and gradually made the slats closer while shrinking the hexagon arrangement. Once that was complete, I slipped the slats' pegs into the sockets on the top and bottom. After securing the top and bottom, I slowly compressed the centers to make them parallel and picture-worthy.
Assembled KeyRyptex

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