2023-07-17 (M) KeyRyptex Rewiring keyswitches

After considering abandoning KeyRyptex as a failure, I decided to open up the case to investigate the issues. I discovered broken solder joints and short-circuited connections. I desoldered each keyswitch segment.
Ripped apart

Instead of using the diode leads, a flexible silicone-coated wire was chosen. I trimmed the diode leads and then reinstalled flush with the keyswitches. Next, I cut 29 wire segments, then stripped and tinned the ends. I installed them under the heavy copper bus. When the segments were joined, they were in the wrong order again.
Wires were tidy and flexible

I rolled up the sides around the electronics while the top and bottom were attached to hold everything in place. However, the top and bottom had less tension than before and wanted to fall away, so extra care was taken to ensure everything was secure.
The edges line up nicely

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