2023-08-04 (F) Weekly Summary

I needed non-ferrous posts to suspend the cylindrical magnet spinner, but I forgot to buy brass nails. I sharpened some copper wire segments, but the assembly went smoothly. I changed the bottom to use a slot and plastic strip for the spring-loaded bottom post. I also updated the base to use four bolts instead of six.
Chassis examples

I used hollow cylinder magnets for the compass spinners and designed discs to hold them in place with pins. I cut steel strips from an Altoids container, used a machine screw as a template, and ground them into circles. I made five discs, divoted the centers with an automatic punch, and removed the paint.
It took hours to make tiny steel discs

I had trouble with the magnet spacing on Rev1.003 and Rev1.004. I tried swapping the improvised copper wire pins but used small brass nails instead. I made the top pin adjustable and changed the hole sizes to fit the nails. I also designed pieces to keep the nails aligned. The bulky unit functioned.
A functional spinner, but too chunky

I designed a base with adjustable height corners, using gears and nuts. The gears were difficult to drive simultaneously and tended to bind. The pins had alignment issues again, so they need a longer shaft.
Unaligned pins

I designed a new frame with long pin grooves to keep them aligned. I had to etch the faces and drill them out for assembly, but the design aligned the nails. The hardest part was envisioning clips holding rubber bands that tensioned the pins.
Flat frame design

I made adjustments to the model and created a second smaller one. I used clamps instead of bolt holes and designed jigs for construction. I cleared the pin holes differently and used rubber bands to stabilize the magnet. The endcaps may need to be revised or replaced.
Low-friction compass spinner

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