2023-08-10 (Th) GrinderCompassMKII Wooden frame and nylon bolts

The aluminum shafts I made from stock rods performed the best, but I had trouble making them uniformly. I did my best to make three identical units that were all 10mm long. One was close, but one was 11mm, and the other was in between. For prototyping, this should be close enough.
Three aluminum posts

I designed a simple frame with four interlocking pieces. In one design, the vertical supports faced each other, which was slim. In the second design, the pieces faced the same way, and I can quickly redesign this to add feedback components, like a danging chain or support a washer. Both designs were minimal and sturdy for their size. The top and bottom used M2.5 bolts with divots loose enough not to restrict the compass spinner.
Spring-free compasses and frames

GitHub files for GrinderCompass
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