2023-08-25 (F) Weekly Summary

I struggled with fitting wire in a small space without interfering with the compass movement. I tried hairpin bends, but they needed more flexibility. I sketched a helical design with a weight at the bottom, but the one I produce will have more turns.
Hairpin and helix comparison

I coiled wires around a battery, then soldered a brass nut to the bottom. I tried attaching the spring to the compass but couldn't assemble it. I bent thick copper wire into a frame and cut brass cones to hold a spinner. I placed the coil but needed to reconsider the frame's shape.
All-metal frame

I revised the design issue by reshaping the wire to utilize brass coupler nuts on the ends. I made a copper spring to go around the spinner, but it interfered when it swayed. Next time, I'll use a short flat brass spring with a heavy weight.
Helical coil is too floppy

At DEFCON31, I met someone wearing a cool cyberdeck with an orange/white color scheme. It looked like a NERF toy gun, but it was clearly a tool of electronic mischief. I wish it was running so I could see it in action.

I made a spring to support a weight on a spinner's bead. I added a brass bolt and two nuts at the bottom to get some motion. I repositioned the bolt inside the spring for more space and fine-tuned the height with bolts pinning the spinner. I need a weaker spring for more movement.
Correct shape, but too rigid

I thinned my flat brass spring with a rotary tool to increase flexibility. After bouncing it, the bolt oscillated a few millimeters. I adjusted bolts and nuts to collide when facing north, creating a wearable haptic compass prototype.
The weighted bolt moves vertically and taps on the bottom bead

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