2023-09-01 (F) Weekly Summary

I made a bending jig for copper wire frames to avoid making them too big. I soldered nuts to hold my tensioning bolts. I experimented with different sizes and added a stand for the compasses. Everything worked well, so I can focus on adding feedback to this compact frame design.
Copper frames and wooden stands

I shortened a brass bolt to match the compass's height and made a spring from a thinned brass strip. I attached the spring with solder and added a threaded rod with nuts for weight. I adjusted everything so the nuts sat below the lower bead. The spinner's axle vibrated, but I can fix it by recutting the divots and adhering to the magnet.
Brass feedback hardware

I made smaller frames by bending copper on the old jig but cutting the pieces short. I cut divots in M3 nylon bolts to secure the spinner. The springs I made from brass strips needed to be longer and took too long to sand down. I need a faster way to create usable springs.
Tidy copper frame

I found making springs from brass strips too slow and tedious. I tried different sanding methods, but they were still prone to error. I devised a way to wrap the strip around a disc and spin it with a drill. I made a "reducer" and "template" to ensure uniform thinning of the brass hoop.
Failed to thin brass strip with oscillating multi-tool

I tried a small design, but the brass was prone to creases at such a tight radius. I tried a larger model but couldn't fasten both ends. I went through several iterations but did not make anything usable. I need to reconsider my materials and weights.
Still no good for thinning brass strips

I tried to find thinner brass strips but settled for a narrow version. I added weight with brass nuts, but they moved laterally. I tried different hammer shapes, but adjusting them was imprecise. The search continues.
Thin strips and three-part hammers

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