2023-09-02 (Sa) GrinderCompassMKII Elastic string suspending a washer

I had an idea in the shower about suspending a brass washer from elastic bands usually used in jewelry making. The cord was 1mm in diameter, durable, and easy to find. The washer would have elastic bands at the top and bottom, so it could not move far in any direction, but the elasticity should allow enough movement to feel it collide with the spinner. I struggled to design a frame that would let me adjust the length from above and below, but if I could make a longer frame and put washers on the structure, I could tighten or loosen bolts with the elastic connected.

I did not have enough brass washers, so I drilled holes into some flat brass stock and rounded the sharp corners. I attached it in the same way I usually connected buts by utilizing a bit of threaded rod to ensure everything was square. I shorted the frame after installing the mounts.
Frame with threaded nuts and mounting holes

Connecting a thin elastic cord to nylon hardware was more challenging than expected. I drilled 1.5mm holes into acorn nuts where I threaded the material, and when it was the correct length, I tightened a bolt into the nut to pinch the cord. The method took some time to get right, but it worked. The problem was that I needed much longer bands to allow sufficient movement. If the frame was ten times larger, I could get it working.
Suspended but virtually immobile washer

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