2023-09-04 (M) GrinderCompassMKII Repurposed elastic band

Lately, the most challenging part of this project has been suspending a weight so it can wobble, but not too much and not in the wrong direction. I have been relying on metal springs, which were terrific for limiting side-to-side motion but were too rigid. I tried suspending a disc with tense elastic cords, but this time, I am leaving them to dangle and relying on their intrinsic rigidity. I strung a few brass beads on a segment, and I could bounce it gently from one of my longer frames.
Three beads on a double thread of elastic string

The next iteration used the modified acorn nuts, and I managed to hold one bead near the compass spinner's upper bearing. It took a lot of messing around to get the bead in the right spot, and it was prone to hitting the tight frame. The idea has merit, but I need to improve my build.
Precariously suspended brass bead

GitHub files for GrinderCompass
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