2023-09-05 (Tu) GrinderCompassMKII Tunable string positioner

I wanted to continue exploring the elastic cord to hold a brass bead. So long as I suspended it from two sides, there was minimal side-to-side motion, and a knot inside the bead kept it from shifting around on the string. I decided to make an oversized copper frame to test a few ideas about controlling the material and seeing how much space I needed for everything. I drafted a large square jig to make the frame and four arms to form a couple of pincers to hold a bead.
Large frame and string positioning apparatus

The captive bead guided the string, and the pincers let me point the bead in any direction I wanted. I need some testing to find the ideal string length, hoop diameter, and bead count, and then I can tighten up the design if it works.
The beads let me point the elastic string

GitHub files for GrinderCompass
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