2023-09-09 (Sa) GrinderCompassMKII Wearable enclosure

The mechanisms work well enough that I want to move the compass into a wearable phase. If I can have a unit on me while I am active during the day, I should better understand what needs to improve, and I can get some time off from this project.

I drafted an enclosure based on the compass dimensions. The bottom bolt had a round hole for the bolt head, and the top had a hexagonal one for the coupler nut. The standoff, which I used for mounting, had a three-millimeter opening so I could fasten the compass and enclosure together.
Enclosure drawing

I cut the pieces, but I knocked off one of the compass mounting nuts during assembly and had to resoldered. I did not remove any plastic parts, so the elastic cord relaxed, and one of the knots came undone. I will have to replace the string, which I cut too short last time.

The enclosure went through a few iterations to make parts fit. I planned to print the first pieces to ensure they fit, then redo the back panel to include 3/4" strap holes, but I decided to use the support bolts on the outside instead since they were better equipped to handle tension.
Portable unit

GitHub files for GrinderCompass
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