2023-09-18 (M) EWC_Cyberdeck Right side faceplate cutting

The keyboard needs some thickness, and laser cutting does not account for thick designs, as conveniently as 3D printing. I designed stacks of shapes that will sandwich together to make a keyboard with depth. They had to give enough clearance to the keyswitches and other electronics and provide a place to plug in a micro USB cable on the microcontroller.

I started cutting with the bottom slab and faceplate. Something went wrong during the process because the mounting holes were not aligned to the edges or each other. I checked my dimensions, and things looked correct, so the laser possibly bumped the workpiece during the process. I cut a second copy and tossed the first.
Misaligned holes

The second faceplate looked correct. I included diagonal lines across the face of the keyboard where I wanted to paint stripes. I put down masking tape and trimmed away the excess to get the exact width I wanted. I hit the keyboard with a layer of black paint and removed the tape before it could dry. The stripes came out beautifully.
Black stripes on a good faceplate

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