2023-09-22 (F) Weekly Summary

I designed a simple jig to connect my 20x20 extruded aluminum segment to a polycarbonate sheet. The jigs came out perfectly. Next, I cut two sets of light channels to use with 8-position addressable light bars. I tested different depths and found that the light was uniform across the square when I used eight spacers.
Clean LED display

I designed a removable right-hand side for my keyboard to stretch my arms while typing. I used a 4-conductor headphone wire to link the halves, carrying serial data from the right side. I settled on using two IO expanders and an Arduino Micro to add an addressable light bar and use the built-in USB port. It will simultaneously send UART serial data and keyboard functions to different ports.
Modular right-hand keyboard

I designed laser-cuttable shapes to accommodate the electronics and a micro USB cable. The first attempt failed, so I cut a second copy and painted stripes onto the faceplate using masking tape to mask off areas. The stripes came out beautifully.
First paint color

I spray-painted my keyboard neon yellow between the black areas. I will add black and yellow keycaps for a unique look. I copied and modified the Keyboardolier schematics for this project. I removed some keys and added two small IO expanders.
Right side schematic

I redesigned the left-side pieces to include a cavity for a TRRS headphone breakout board to swap power and data with the cyberdeck. During the redesign, I added more wooden layers supporting the hitch pins.
Headphone socket adapter

The 56 diode connections in this keyboard form star patterns on each column. With five keys per row, the diode leads could reach, and I did not need a vertical bus. Bending and trimming the diodes took a lot of time.
Keyswitch wiring

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