2023-09-26 (Tu) EWC_Cyberdeck Right hand key mapping

My serial feedback printed a grid with all the addresses on the diode matrix each time I pressed or released a key. The all-in approach was excellent for ensuring nothing extra happened when I pressed a button, but it was messy on the serial terminal. I changed the code to print the address of the switch as "Press: ###" or "Relse: ###." I had to duplicate the code for the second IO expander so that each key had a unique address.

Once the serial data was properly formatted, I copied it to transmit on Serial1, which was connected to the headphone port. I created a map of all my eligible button addresses and recorded which key they represented. The final step will be implementing keyboard actions upon the buttons' presses and releases.
Mapping according to key address

GitHub repo for EWC_Cyberdeck.

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