2023-09-29 (F) Weekly Summary

I wired the rest of the keyboard, mostly with silicone-coated conductors. I forgot to include the addressable LED bar in my drawing, so I sketched it in. I rearranged some of the IO to keep a few spare points on each IO expander chip and the microcontroller in case one fails.
Keyboard underside

The hardware tested well. I had some issues with messy code and a bad cable, but I sorted it out and got the light bar, voltage display, and headphone adapter working. The only issue I could not fix immediately was a faulty connection of one of the key columns, which I assume is a disconnected wire inside.
Yellow lights, purple lights, red numbers

I repaired the problematic column in my keyboard, but my test was interrupted when a new function tried to divide by zero. I removed the offending math and confirmed all my keys worked.
Working switches shown in serial

I improved the serial feedback to show the address of the switch as "Press: ###" or "Relse: ###." I duplicated the second IO expander's code to ensure each key had a unique address. Then, I copied the formatted data to transmit on Serial1 and mapped all eligible buttons. The next step is to implement keyboard actions upon the buttons' presses and releases.
Key address map

I used Arduino's keyboard library for the 32u4 microcontroller but struggled with some modifiers and keys. The help page provided HEX codes for the keys, but I still needed to check the ASCII table for symbols. I tested all the buttons, and they work great.
EWC_Cyberdeck right hand keyboard COMPLETED

I barreled ahead with my design but drafted without considering the overall design. I made a faceplate, backing, and internal pieces, but most will not fit, and I forgot the microcontroller. The only parts I can salvage are the pieces that go into the handle.
The only usable parts

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