2023-10-12 (Th) Phlute Square instruments

I changed the design to become narrow, like a sports whistle, but it still did not work. When I narrowed the windway to less than one millimeter in the hope of collimating the air, I got a squeak!
Narrow windway

I played with different dimensions, like a longer windway and a slightly deeper one, but the added length made no difference, and the deep one did not work. I played around with the deep channel by blowing harder or softer, and nothing worked until I partially covered the open end. When it was approximately 9/10 covered, I heard a consistent tone.
Vented opening

I made an extended version with two holes and tape covering the vents. The hole after the partial barrier did nothing, but the other affected the tone. When I removed the tape, I lost all sound. With the cap at the end, I could change the pitch slightly by uncovering the holes. If I enlarged them, I should see a more significant effect.
Square instruments

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