2023-10-13 (F) Weekly Summary

I initially planned an elaborate cradle for my keyboard halves but decided against it to avoid the hassle of precise drafting and laser cutting. Instead, I used 2020 extruded aluminum and a scrap polycarbonate sheet to create a form that securely held the keyboard without rattling. The top cross member of 1/4" polycarbonate keeps the keyboard halves sandwiched together, allowing me to carry it by the handle.
Portable keyboard

I installed guitar buttons on the long aluminum rail and added a phone holder with a tripod adapter. I coded the second typing layer, which used the top row numbers as function keys and the Numpad as navigation buttons. The third was a super-fast key repeat.
Construction complete

I finished programming the fourth mode for my keyboard project. It makes all the keys "sticky," so I can hold down a key to scroll or refresh pages without keeping my finger on it. I decided not to add a macro layer and uploaded everything to GitHub.
GitHub repo screenshot

I had an idea to create a wind instrument that emitted Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency notes like a touch-tone phone. I researched how to build a PVC recorder and designed one from laser-cut parts. I faced an issue of learning how to make specific tones, but I drafted a version with measurements to add holes with a drill once the pieces were cut and assembled.
First draft

I bought cheap plastic recorders as references and maybe spare parts. After laser-cutting and sharpening the wood parts, I assembled them, but they quickly separated. I fastened them with rubber bands, but it did not work. I even tried designing a U-shaped insert to channel the air, but it still did not make any sound.
Cheap recorder next to a non-functional wooden version

I experimented with the design of my whistle but faced issues. I narrowed the windway, changed its dimensions, and partially covered the open end to get a consistent tone. I also made an extended version with two holes and tape covering the vents, which affected the pitch. I could change notes by uncovering the holes.
Square instruments

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  1. Hey! Met you at Maker Faire Bay Area today, cant wait to see how the funky wind instrument add-on turns out!


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