2023-10-14 (Sa) Phlute Round instruments

I wanted to experiment with round instruments because PVC was cheap, and I had plenty lying around. I had plans on how to make a labium in the plastic that involved a rotary tool and a narrow sanding wheel, but a razor knife and two minutes of careful work returned a passable result.

I created a laser-cut block to go in the mouth end of the pipes. I stacked a bunch of flattened discs on top of each other and fastened them with a bolt. I did not get any sound until I pushed the block to the edge of the window. It was only consistent if I partially covered the tube exit.
Labium in PVC

I tried a spare block in the end, and it worked, but I wanted to experiment with different airflows, so I designed and cut a pinecone valve. The airflow controller was a stack of bow-tie-shaped pieces along an axle, and I could push them into different configurations from blocked, 0% airflow to 40% airflow when wide open. 10-15% worked best.
Pinecone valves

I made a few versions with different lengths, hole sizes, and a slide version. Each worked a bit and taught me how to design these instruments, but none worked perfectly. The dimensions I need to establish are tube length and hole size.
Cylindrical instruments

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