2023-10-18 (W) Phlute REV 2 COMPLETED

I planned to reduce the size of the Phlute by making a plain pipe that generated the lowest frequency and adding holes that played the other tones.

I revised the dimensions on my laser-cut blocks and cut new ones that fit better than the previous ones. I also cut new pinecone valves for the 3/4" PVC. I started with the tones associated with the button rows, which were lower than the columns. I used a 3/4" 200-psi pipe and drilled eight holes where my fingers comfortably rested.

I tested different finger configurations until I achieved the four frequencies. I only needed four of the holes. I cut a second pipe with only those holes and "tuned" them by widening them with a razor blade and drill bits. I beveled the edges with a countersinking drill bit.

I tested the unit with the pipe that generated 1477Hz, and my DTMF detecting app confirmed that all the tones were accurate.
Row-singing pipe

I repeated the process for the column tones, but I used 1/2" schedule-40 PVC tubing. The tube was so short that I only had room for four holes, but I managed to bevel and widen them and get the three necessary frequencies. The fourth column still eluded me.
Phlute, REV2

I connected the two pipes with a coupler. The small pipe was easy to play with my right hand because I only needed to focus on two holes. The left side was tricky because the holes were distant, but I verified through the app that I could play 0-9, *, and #.
(0:06) Testing Phlute

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