2023-10-22 (Su) DTMF_Decoder COMPLETED

I checked Amazon for any DTMF decoders with a microphone, but they used line-level inputs. I sketched the circuit for my DTMF decoder and microphone, but I swapped the 5-volt USB power supply for a 6-volt AA battery pack because it had a built-in switch and was large enough to Velcro a prototyping board to the lid.

I added 1KΩ resistors between the decoder module and LEDs, even though the output was probably not enough to burn up one of the lights. I did not bother using CAD for the drawing because it was simple.
DTMF decoder for ambient detection

I assembled the components on a prototyping PCB and soldered everything together. I powered the unit up and tested it again. The chip could not recognize every signal as well as the app, but it was remarkably responsive, so I consider this a great success.
(0:02) Lights change with pitches

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