2023-10-28 (Sa) Maker Faire 2023

I went to Maker Faire for the first time. I knew what to expect but was unprepared for how open and warm people were. Most conventions have excited and happy people, but Maker Faire had people who were generally excited to talk about their creations or things other people built. Every aspect of STEAM, science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics was represented.
Science sand

One project that caught my eye was an automated glockenspiel. I built one from a musical toy and helped make one for a hackathon. The model here was cleanly made but kept most of the electronics exposed. When I arrived at the booth, it played from a computer, but I got to play it via the attached MIDI keyboard.
MIDI controlled glockenspiel

One of the prop makers for Wednesday brought his Thing robot and demonstrated it via remote. It could amble forward and backward with an eerie gait and "look around" with a twist of the wrist joint.
This guy knows a Thing or two about robots

LightBurn, the laser engraver software I use, had a booth, so I stopped by to show my keyboard, and the attendant loved it and took some pictures. Some other people came by for a look while I showed it off by attaching my phone and making it into a faux laptop. The person attending the booth gave me a LightBurn branded tag for the hitch pins.
Addition to the EWC_Cyberdeck

First time here?

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