2023-11-03 (F) Weekly Summary

I finally made it to Maker Faire! Everyone was a lot of fun to chat with and share projects. Several people wanted to see my black and yellow keyboard, and the person working the booth for LightBurn, my laser engraver software, took a couple of pictures.
This guy knows a Thing or two about robots

I soldered encoders and tactile switches to their PCBs and added Vcc and GND wires to the potentiometers and toggle switches. I only made it partway through the soldering, and I should have a schematic before continuing.
Partially wired MIDI section

I copied schematic parts from my EWC_Box project and created new icons for the toggle switches and encoder boards. I used the IO list to route the rest of the wires.
MIDI section schematic

I added power wires in red, black, and green. Some components already had linking wires, which I completed at the pushbutton protoboard. I will quickly terminate three wires on the protoboard when I mount it. All that's left to solder are the signal connections.
Checking off the power wiring

Wiring and soldering took longer than expected. I wired the operator connections but not the microcontroller side. Each wire was long enough to reach its Arduino Mega prototyping board terminal. Working this way felt more efficient as I could terminate a wire and temporarily move it out of the way.
Two-thirds wired

I finished my first pass at the wiring. This time was neater than some of my other jobs because I avoided making excessively long leads. I made a few markups on the drawings and transferred corrections to the CAD file.
Finalized MIDI schematic

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